Custom Windows


We Specialize In Custom Designs!

Custom windows add beauty and value to your home, and are perfect for the bath, hallway, or any room that could use a special touch of color and light.  The artisans at Kaleidoscope will work with you to create a personal work of art that reflects your individual taste and personality.

Recently, Kaleidoscope Stained Glass was fortunate to have a local couple commission them to create four large art glass windows that would be presented as a gift to their new neighborhood. These windows would be seen along the entire side of their home as neighbors and visitors walked past them to see the river and a spectacular view of Cincinnati.

The couple’s renovation project of their 19th century Greek Revival Mansion was progressing on schedule. As the magnificent detail was restored and the strong structure softened with new embellishments, stories emerged that made this new, old home sing.

As the story develops, these 4′ x 5′ images add to the tale. Trees became forests and each room became a season. Generally, art glass entertains those on the inside of the house during the day and welcomes the neighbors at night but  these windows keep a steady vigil. In the first window the soft blues fade to yellow and cranberry making a beautiful sunset for the tall oak tree, whose strong stature and radiantly textured bark hold a few rusty, crackling leaves.  Winter is here! In the next window, a budding spring is created from Tiffany style fracture glass that is the backdrop for a grove of sparkling chocolate colored chestnut trees.  Kaleidoscope was called upon to add to the story. Create images of four favorite Kentucky trees that will provide beauty from day to night as they also create privacy and coordinate with the selected colors and atmosphere that surrounds them.

Summer is in full bloom with lush gingko leaves that undulate to the sky and shelter red wild flowers along a winding path in the third window. Finally, a fall colored poplar tree loses its golden, orange, and red leaves that gather into a nest on the ground. This leaf pile will provide fun for the children and forest animals as this magical story of memories unfolds.

This project is complete. Yet there is room for more glass and certainly more stories to tell!

Let us tell your story that will last for generations.